• Pork, Duck & Chicken Broth / Baby Cabbage

  • Pork&Chicken Broth/Fish Maw/Liver Paste/Bamboo Pith

  • Pork, Duck & Chicken Broth / Baby Cabbage

  • Pork&Chicken Broth/Fish Maw/Liver Paste/Bamboo Pith

Pork, Duck & Chicken Broth / Baby Cabbage 

Kaishui Baicai, also known as steamed Chinese cabbage in supreme soup, is a dish often featured on state banquet menus and stands as a Sichuan specialty challenging the notion that Chengdu is solely associated with fiery, spicy cuisine. This delicacy demands meticulous effort and time. Chuan Ya’s Kaishui Baicai utilizes a blend of duck, pork, and chicken broth to infuse the soup with the freshness of duck, the richness of pork, and the aroma of chicken paste and whipped egg whites. Simmered for several hours, the broth develops a light tea color, clear yet bursting with flavor. The soup is then poured over a lotus-shaped baby cabbage heart and garnished with shredded Jinhua ham, enhancing its freshness. The result is a delicate and aromatic dish with a deeply satisfying taste. 

Pork & Chicken Broth / Fish Maw / Liver Paste / Bamboo Pith

This soup is a signature dish in traditional Sichuan cuisine, often featured at state banquets. According to a Chinese saying, the presence of ham, chicken, and pork is crucial in creating a soup that embodies both freshness and richness. In our rendition, we simmer a flavorful broth crafted from chicken and pork, enhancing it with a luxurious liver paste made from pork and goose liver. This addition not only elevates the soup's texture but also imparts a velvety, savory flavor. 

Chicken & Beef Broth / Matsutake Mushroom 

The timeless flavors of traditional Sichuan cuisine, the Chicken & Beef Broth Soup featuring Matsutake Mushroom. Crafted from pure chicken and beef broth simmered to perfection, this soup is enriched with tender black-bone chicken thigh, succulent American boneless short rib, and fresh matsutake mushrooms. Slow-cooked for hours to meld the flavors, the result is a clear, fragrant broth that tantalizes the taste buds with its harmonious blend of savory and sweet notes. It's an ideal accompaniment to any meal, offering a delightful balance of richness without overwhelming the palate. 

Fish Broth / Tofu ‘Pocket’ / Morel Mushroom

The tofu 'pocket' is crafted by blending homemade nigari soft tofu with crucian carp in a 10:2 ratio, then mashing and seasoning it with lard. The mixture is shaped into olive-like forms and subjected to two rounds of deep-frying: initially at 150 - 160°C until golden brown, then removed and set aside. Subsequently, the oil temperature is raised to 200 - 220°C for a second frying, resulting in a hollow interior reminiscent of a pocket. 

For the fish broth, numerous fresh crucian carp are pan-fried with ginger and scallions until golden brown. When the temperature is high, hot water is added, and the broth is boiled vigorously until creamy white. Finally, morel mushrooms, sliced shiitake mushrooms, carrot slices, ham slices, white button mushrooms, greens, and bamboo piths are added, enriching the dish with nutrients.