• Tofu Pudding / Pandan

  • Citrus Jelly / Fermented Rice

  • Glutinous Rice Ball / Brown Sugar / Sesame / Crispy

  • Tofu Pudding / Pandan

  • Citrus Jelly / Fermented Rice

  • Glutinous Rice Ball / Brown Sugar / Sesame / Crispy

Citrus Jelly / Fermented Rice 

Bingfen, a beloved summertime delicacy in Sichuan, China, captures the essence of the season with its translucent, jelly-like consistency. Crafted from the seeds of a specific Sichuan plant, it bears a striking resemblance to Taiwanese Aiyu jelly. 

This refreshing treat is typically garnished with an array of toppings: vibrant orange slices, chewy konjac crystal balls, finely crushed peanuts, tart hawthorn crumbs, mildly tangy fermented rice, succulent aloe vera, and luscious dragon fruit pieces. Together, these ingredients meld into a harmonious blend, offering a silky-smooth texture and a delightful whisper of sweetness. 


Tofu Pudding / Pandan 

Hand-crafted from premium NGO Canadian soybeans and aromatic pandan, this tofu pudding is delicately infused with lemongrass and ginger, elevating its fragrance to new heights. Its texture is exquisitely silky, effortlessly melting on your tongue and offering a luxurious sensory experience. As it dissolves, it leaves with a subtle sweetness and a refreshing, lingering aroma, enchanting the palate with each spoonful. 

Pear Soup / Pear / Honey / Fritillaria / Ginseng / Double-boiled 

Pears, known as the "foremost among fruits," are double-boiled with a variety of Chinese medicinal herbs such as Fritillaria bulbs, white fungus, snow lotus seeds, ginseng, and wolfberries. This concoction serves as a nourishing tonic that warms and replenishes the body and mind while also providing the benefits of soothing the throat and moisturizing the lungs. This pear soup releases a subtle pear aroma and is pleasing to the palate — smooth, tender, and delicately sweet. 

Sesame Roll / Steamed 

"A handful of sesame seeds is worth more than a heap of supplements." The filling of these lustrous black sesame rolls combines black and white sesame with peanuts, wrapped like a miniature Swiss roll.  Chewy and springy texture without sticking to the teeth, and it is infused with the rich, distinct aroma of sesame.  

Glutinous Rice Ball / Brown Sugar / Sesame / Crispy 

A beloved snack from Chengdu, Sichuan, the Sugar-oil Fruit is made from glutinous rice flour, sugar, and fermented rice. The ingredients are deep-fried with brown sugar, and the glutinous rice balls are slowly rotated until they achieve a crispy exterior. Finally, they are garnished with a sprinkle of white sesame seeds. Each bite offers a crunchy exterior with a soft, sweet, and chewy interior. 

Osmanthus Pudding / Yam / Lotus Seed / Chilled 

The chilled pudding is crafted from a base of yam and lotus seeds, topped with osmanthus jelly, and drizzled with osmanthus syrup.  It features a gentle and refined color with a soft and dense texture.  The fresh and delicately sweet fragrance lingers on the palate.